Vote NO by February 13!

By Jerry Willey | Valley Times | January 31, 2024

On Feb. 13, registered voters within King City will be asked to decide if four of our dedicated, hardworking elected officials should be recalled.

The answer is no.

It is imperative that voters understand how detrimental this recall would be to King City if successful. I have served Washington County for over 30 years as a city councilor, mayor, and now county commissioner. I know what it means to make the right decision, even when it is hard, and that is exactly what this council did.

Most of the driving forces behind this recall are not registered King City voters and do not depend on the King City government for their services. As voters, we have learned to appreciate a city government that has worked daily to create a safe, well-maintained and financially sound community.

The proponents are simply in disagreement with one aspect of the future growth plan. But we cannot allow that disagreement with a few nonresidents to destroy this great city.

The King City mayor and city councilors followed the law and they diligently worked on a plan for over seven years that has been approved at every possible level.

The plan is sound. The recall is extreme.

Finally, I want us all to remember that in the last election cycle there were four council seats open, and none of the proponents chose to run. That alone should make you question their motives.

I urge you to vote no on this recall.

Jerry Willey is a Washington County Commissioner