Vote NO by February 13!

By Jason Snider
The Valley Times | January 20, 2024

I hope the voters of King City vote no by Feb. 13 and oppose the recall of several King City councilors and their mayor.

As the former Mayor in the neighboring community of Tigard, I have directly witnessed how much the King City councilors care about doing the right thing for their community. I’ve seen them in action, worked with them on major issues, and know them personally.

Being a great leader is about doing the right thing for the right reasons. When your friends, family, neighbors and community put their trust in you and elect you to be their representative, it is position you must take seriously and make decisions that have the most positive impact for the most people.

The volunteer, elected councilors have a responsibility to every individual in their community. For a handful of citizens to use the recall process as punishment for not getting their way is absurd and a gross misuse of the recall process.

Recalls are to remove people from office for ethical or legal violations — not as political revenge for policy decisions.

The only people who benefit from this recall are outside special interests and a few wealthy landowners who don’t even live in King City and therefore can’t vote in this election. Don’t let outsiders control your King City government or misuse the democratic process.

For the benefit of the neighborhoods, city, community, and democracy itself, King City voters should do the right thing and vote no on this recall.