Vote NO by February 13!

Valley Times
By Margaret Doherty

I served as Oregon State Representative from 2009-2021 and for years during that time, I had the immense pleasure of representing King City and the surrounding communities.

King City is unique and special in many ways, but one specific way it stands out is how much care, concern and consideration everyone has for their neighbors and community.

That’s one of the many reasons this recall campaign is so disappointing and why voters should firmly vote no in February.

I’ve seen how the city council really cares about the livability of city residents, specifically addressing the delicate balance of planning for much-needed housing while preserving the community from too large of growth in too quick a time. Their decision was not taken lightly, and the council has the best interests of the entire King City community in mind.

They’ve taken all the reasonable steps — and beyond — to ensure they are doing the right thing for the residents, neighborhoods and habitat.

The wrong thing for King City would be to recall nearly an entire city council just because you are unhappy with a vote. I fully support and encourage a democratic process, but a radical recall like this goes too far.

The mayor and council members are good people. There is no legitimate reason they should not continue the work they were elected to do.

Vote no on the recall in support of your volunteer, elected city council.

Margaret Doherty is a Tigard resident and former Oregon State Representative (2009-2021) for House District 35.