Vote NO by February 13!

By Karen Emerson

Learning about complex city issues takes time and concerted effort. Plans for King City growth have been developing over years, and the mayor and city councilors have been making difficult educated choices.

Interrupting the plans now and waiting for new councilors to learn and make decisions will negatively impact the city’s ability to grow for years.

The recall petitioners claim that they were not listened to when the council voted on city growth issues.

Just because the council did not vote the way that they wanted them to vote does not mean that the council wasn’t listening. The council weighed all of the factors and comments to make their informed decisions.

I am a former school board member, and I know that our children are watching. We need to teach them that a radical recall is not an acceptable or effective technique for dealing with disagreements. They would have to live with the long-term repercussions of the upheaval and disruption to their city’s functioning.

I hope King City voters will vote no on this recall.