Vote NO by February 13!

Valley Times
By Stephanie Hartman

Please join me in voting no on the recall of several King City councilors and our mayor this February election.

Like many other residents of King City, I voted for this group of officials to represent me and our best interests and in my opinion, they have done their job.

I believe our volunteer, voter-elected King City leaders have been doing a great job enhancing our already-great community. They actively listen, care about what we have to say, and are visionaries in application of what we voice as needs.

This recall is being pushed by nonresidents who want to have their own people appointed, who aren’t representatives we’ve elected and have no accountability to listen and act on our behalf.

The recall election is coming quickly, and I hope that you will join me in spreading the word as to why we should vote no for the recall election by Feb. 13.

Stephanie Hartman is a King City resident.