Vote NO by February 13!

By Roy Rogers, Washington County Commissioner | The Oregonian | January 31, 2024

While recalls are a useful tool to deal with situations where an elected official violates laws or there are ethical issues involved this effort is not about that and therefore perplexes me.

The Council members take an oath to abide by federal and state laws as well as the City ordinances. In land use matters the Council also has to abide by regional (METRO) and County directives as well.

As is the case with almost all elected officials, they are volunteer, ordinary citizens. They hire consultants and experienced staff members who have the complex professional skill sets to design land use and infrastructure plans, to assist them through the planning process. It appears that the Council followed all state, regional, and county requirements, and their consultants’ advice in designing their plans. That is exactly what the Council should have done.

While reasonable people can debate the conclusions reached, it is a very dangerous precedent to recall over exercising judgment. Elections, not recalls, are the place to make decisions on who serves you.

Roy Rogers
Washington County Commissioner